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Hidden Gems

Milk River Hotel & Spa

Experience the wonders of Milk River Bath!

A mineral bath/ spa and hotel nestled in the heart of Clarendon parish, Milk River Bath is a natural treasure that beckons visitors Known for its therapeutic properties, this iconic attraction offers a unique and invigorating experience.

m spa.jpeg

Salt River

Discover the captivating beauty of Salt River in Clarendon!

Flowing through the heart of Clarendon parish, Salt River is a mesmerizing natural wonder that enchants visitors with its serene and picturesque setting. This scenic river offers a tranquil escape and tasty dishes from restaurants on property.


Farquhar Beach

Farquhar Beach black sand gem nestled along the coastline of Clarendon parish (Milk River community). This is a fisherman's paradise, it offers a secluded retreat for beach lovers, nature enthusiasts and seafood lovers. This beach provides jobs for the local economy and great outdoor dining.

F beach.jpeg

Streamz Palmz River

Situated in the community of Clarendon Park, a hidden gem to discover and relax. Very spacious and quiet environment with a river for swimmers and non swimmers


Guts River

Bordering Clarendon and Manchester . A hidden Gem on the property there is a blue hole and the river meets  sea.

Natural Get Away Beauty with space encouraging outdoor cooking


St Toolis River

The St Toolis River located within the Porus area is a stunning natural attraction perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It's the perfect spot to spend an afternoon to simply take a refreshing dip 

st toolis.jpeg
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