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Services Offered by CTP

Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Building Partnerships

In Clarendon, we strongly believe in the value of partnerships and recognize their significance. We wholeheartedly embrace the notion that collaboration is essential for success.

We understand that accomplishing goals requires collective effort and support. We firmly believe in the proverbial saying, "It takes a village," and we are committed to fostering strong alliances within our community.

Through building partnerships, we strive to create a network of cooperation, trust, and shared objectives. By working together, we can tackle challenges, leverage resources, and achieve greater outcomes for the benefit of all.

In Clarendon parish, we stand united in our belief that partnerships are crucial for progress.

We invite everyone to join us in this collaborative endeavor as we continue to strengthen our community and work towards a brighter future.

Digital Marketing

In this era of digital advancements, the power of Digital Marketing cannot be overlooked.

With just a simple search, your business can establish an effortless connection with a vast audience. The digital landscape offers a multitude of opportunities to reach and engage with potential customers, enabling you to expand your brand's visibility and influence.

Through strategic Digital Marketing techniques, you can effectively promote your business, products, or services to a wide range of individuals. Harnessing the power of various digital channels, such as search engines, social media platforms, and email marketing, allows you to target specific audiences and drive meaningful interactions.


Digital Marketing means embracing the potential for growth and success in the online realm. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the digital age to connect with customers, build brand awareness, and achieve your business goals.

Live Streaming

We provide a range of services, including Live Streaming, to meet your needs.

No matter where you are or the distance involved, we ensure that your event can be broadcasted seamlessly, allowing your interactions to be witnessed locally and internationally.

Our commitment to reliability and professionalism guarantees a high-quality streaming experience.

With our user-friendly approach, accessing our Live Streaming service is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We prioritize simplicity, ensuring that you can effortlessly share your event with a wide audience without any technical hurdles.

Count on CTP to deliver top-notch Live Streaming services, connecting you with your audience near and far. Trust us to handle the technical aspects, while you focus on creating memorable experiences for your viewers.


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